Bill Slocum

  • City employee for 30 years
  • Has been with the Local for 14 years, as an officer, starting out as a Steward in DES/Solid Waste and then became a member of the Executive Board
  • Writes grievances and handles and oversees all of the Local’s finances
  • Experienced Negotiating Team Member
  • Experienced in negotiating the City’s Health Care Contract
  • 15 years of service with Council 66 (Trustee, Member-At-Large and Sergeant-At-Arms)
  • Currently Vice President with Council 66

Mike Rivera

Vice President
  • City employee for 23 years
  • Started in Parks, transferred to Special Services. Currently with Solid Waste
  • Shop Steward for 6 years in Solid Waste
  • Elected Vice President in September 2016
  • Member of the Health Care Committee and Negotiations Team
  • Assist in Local 1635 daily operations
  • Member At Large for Council 66 Executive Board

Tawanda Ciccone

2nd Vice President
  • City employee for 18 years
  • Currently works for the Emergency Communications Department (911)
  • Elected 2nd Vice President in September 2016
  • Executive Board Member, Event Committee and Negotiating Team
  • Member At Large for Council 66 Executive Board


Christine Huether


  • City Employee for 32 years
  • Former secretary to Manager of Building Services
  • Member of Medical Coalition & Negotiating Team
  • Executive Board Member, Grievance Secretary and EAP Coordinator

Orlando Torres

Recording Secretary

  • City Employee for 14 years
  • Worked for the Parks and Recreation Department, Forestry Division, and currently for Solid Waste Management
  • Elected as Recording Secretary in September 2016
  • Executive Board Member, Event Committee and Negotiating Teams
  • Writes grievances and records all Union related notes
  • Member At Large for Council 66 Executive Board


Tim Johnson

Sergeant At Arms


Local 1635 Executive Board

Back Row: Left to Right- Tim Johnson, Tawanda Ciccone, Bill Slocum, Mike Rivera, Orlando Torres, Kevin Beard, Dan McBride, Ray Aponte

Front Row: Left to Right- Matt Hardy, Don Corey, Joni Broccuto, Mandy Vazquez, Jerry Lewis, Christine Huether, Damon Finegan

Albert Algarin (Not In Photo)

Mike Patterson (Not In Photo)


  • Executive Board Members
    • Albert Algarin
    • Ray Aponte
    • Joni Brocutto
    • Dan McBride
    • Jerry Lewis
    • Mike Patterson
    • Mandy Vazquez
    • Matthew Hardy
  • Trustees
    • Damon Finegan
    • Don Corey
    • Kevin Beard
  • EAP Coordinator
    • Chris Huether



  • Stewards
    • Peter Baldasarre, Parks
    • Karl Bean, CVMF
    • Kevin Beard, Library
    • Paul Huertas, Animal Services
    • Darryl Clements, Special Services
    • Don Corey, Recreation
    • Sean Vandervoort, CVMF
    • Paul Dentino, 911
    • Rick Fornataro, NBD
    • Kathleen Foust, City Hall
    • Matthew Hardy, Water
    • Joe D’Aquisto, Street Maintenance
    • Jerry Lewis, Building Services
    • Mike Mannillo, 911
    • Joe Maldonado, Water
    • Robert Locey, Security
    • Brent Quackenbush, Upland Water
    • Cy Heckman, Solid Waste
    • Matt Johnson, ECD/911
    • Rosa Hamlin, Public Safety Building
    • Ben Brown, CVMF
    • Rich Boyd, Solid Waste
    • Dan McBride, Special Services
    • Tony Madau, Various